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the inkling

Traum Schallplatten


Released: 23rd Oct 2013


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outstanding brand new 3-track EP that moves from simmering dancefloor energy to more harsh, pounding beats.

The opener is 'Breedle', a track that works in favour of a spirit similar to 'Doch Doch'. 'Breedle' starts with a sequential melody levelling the path for manipulated vocals & strings in an FX box. Extrawelt manage to disperse an undercurrent of tension throughout the track. 'Breedle' alternates between sequential toughness & emotional uplifting string programming making it a wonderful sensual piece of music! 'In Shape To Escape' is in contrast to 'Breedle' a funky & twisted baseline monster of a clubby electro track, wow! The track keeps a nice pace and plunges into breathtaking breaks with electronic noodelling all present. 'The Inkling' is a bit of a daring “sound punisher“  a harsh contrasting pounding track that leaves loads of space for the atmosphere. This track is physical damage without any high hats or connecting sounds - it is a pure On & Off affair not for the weak. highly recommended!

the inkling


  1. Breedle
  2. In Shape To Escape
  3. The Inkling