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Bear's Den

agape & without/within



Released: 28th Nov 2013


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a double bear's den whammy featuring both their 'agape' & without / within' eps.

Kevin Jones of Bear’s Den co-founded the Communion label with Mumford man Ben Lovett, thereby contributing to the careers of Ben Howard, Michael Kiwanuka & Daughter. 'agape' showcased the band's emotional songwriting & mumford-esque harmonies whilst 'Without/Within' came from a band who have progressed since their incarnation. amongst the walls of vocal harmonies & rich instrumentation, the driving force behind both releases are the heartfelt lyrics.

agape & without/within


  1. Sahara pt. I
  2. Sahara pt. II
  3. Don't Let The Sun Steal You Away
  4. Writing On The Wall
  5. Sophie
  6. My Lair
  7. Agape
  8. Isaac
  9. Mother
  10. When You Break
  11. A Year Ago Today