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speedy ortiz

real hair



Released: 10th Feb 2014


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On ‘ Real Hair’, the band sets a course between the knotty discord of debut album ‘Major Arcana’ & the bonafide pop of the preceding ‘Sports EP’.

From the vocal melodies to the no-nonsense guitar turns, this is Speedy’s catchiest outing yet, drawing inspiration from contemporary Top 40 & R&B radio in addition to their regular arsenal of guitar rock. this new EP finds them subtly adding new techniques to their songbook. Guitarists Sadie Dupuis & Matt Robidoux bring on additional guitar effects to colour the roundabout feel of ‘Oxygal,’ while bassist Darl Ferm & drummer Mike Falcone hit hard to deliver the jump-in-the-pit urgency of ‘American Horror’. They’re still equal parts noisy & poetic, & now merge those channels more seamlessly than ever.

real hair


  1. American Horror
  2. Oxygal
  3. Everything's Bigger
  4. Shine Theory