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speedy wunderground

limited 7"

Released: 20th Jan 2014

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Speedy Wunderground release their 6th single, the cracking ‘Pinballs’ by south london 4-piece Childhood.

recorded under the usual Speedy Wunderground conditions – lazers & smoke machines ON, lights OFF, Swarmatron ON, overdubs OFF, strict recording time limit (one day, in case you’re asking) ON. Lunch, however, was allowed in this instance, and everything was finished in time to go to the pub. ace! "A seemingly one-note bass lives up to its name in pounding fashion, providing the underbelly for kaleidoscope guitars and Ben Romans-Hopcraft’s usual chilled-out vocals; with a total rhythm breakdown halfway through resembling a (hopefully existing) NASA house band. From then on it becomes a vibey solar-system of synths that sounds like it could be a threequel to ‘Space Oddity’; and is far more psychedelic and experimental than any of the fourpiece’s previous tunes. It would be impossible to have chosen a more apt title– the retro synths and see-sawing rhythms hark back to good ol’ pinball tables – and like any great arcade game, ‘Pinballs’ should be given some serious credit" - this is fake diy.