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Jon Hassell


All Saints Records

12" EP

Released: 19th May 2014


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Trumpet player, composer & musical conceptualist Jon Hassell remixed by four artists from the new frontier of electronic music.

Former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen & erstwhile collaborator with Brian Eno, the Fourth World pioneer’s electronically-treated trumpet can be heard on albums by artists including Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel & Bjork, as well as such groundbreaking solo albums as ‘Aka/Darbari/Java’ & the freshly reissued ‘City: Works Of Fiction’. Here, Bandshell (Hessle Audio /Mute), patten (No Pain In Pop/Warp), No UFOs (Public Information) & Bass Clef alter-ego Some Truths (Mordant Music/Magic + Dreams) drag these already stunning compositions into bold new territories. "John Hassell is more than a superb musician & more even than a gifted composer. He is an inventor of new forms of music" - Brian Eno



  1. Inversion (Bandshell)
  2. Metal Fatigue (patten)
  3. Ba-ya Dub (No UFOs)
  4. Elsewhere Is A Negative Mirror (Some Truths)