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Released: 2nd Mar 2015


The first single from Crocodiles’ forthcoming album ‘Boys’ offers a gaze into the salsa-punk existence the band lived while recording in Mexico City.

It is the sound of helado and cervezas, of bottles smashing against heads in Cuauhtémoc bat-caves. Charles Rowell’s psychedelic guitar swirl starts ‘Crybaby Demon’, immediately followed by an infectiously repetitive bass line and Latin trashcan percussion. Brandon Welchez’s sneering vocal floats above, telling the tale of a fallen angel, head still in the clouds, abusive and abused. The flip side is a joyously noisy retelling of Hot Chocolate’s 1975 disco classic ‘U Sexy Thing’ and adds to their ever growing collection of oddball influences. “Though it’s subtle, there’s a certain kick to the jangle and swagger of Mexican folk rock that adds a bit of pep to Crocodiles’ blown-out take on noise rock/shoegaze” – consequence of sound



  1. Crybaby Demon
  2. U Sexy Thing