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Dorian Concept

Joined Ends Remix EP

Ninja Tune


Released: 6th Apr 2015


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a set of remixes of songs from ‘Joined Ends’, from a collection of musicians who can - like Dorian - count themselves in the electronic vanguard.

Released in 2014, Dorian Concept’s ‘Joined Ends’ was a stunningly original electronic album. Made by a young man with virtuosic musical ability & amazing vision, it married true musicianship & writing to a thrilling electronic palette. Reflecting Dorian’s own work, the mixes cover both the experimental (Tim Hecker, Bibio) & the dancefloor (Nathan Fake, Kuedo). Recommended if you like Hudson Mowhawke, Flying Lotus, Floating Points, Clark.

Joined Ends Remix EP


  1. Ann River, Mn (Kuedo Remix)
  2. Draft Culture (Nathan Fake Remix)
  3. The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix)
  4. Ann River, Mn (Bibio Remix)