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Ethan Gold

Sway Lake

Elektrik Gold

limited 7"

Released: 30th Nov 2018


The kind of music that transports you to another time, another place – this double a-side 7” single alternatively features John Grant and The Staves in glorious versions of Ethan Gold’s “Sway Lake”, both rendered timelessly and exquisitely as songs from another age.

A limited edition talisman from a film about characters fixated with the past, searching for old records in a grand lake house. The inimitable John Grant sings the haunting, quiet Lost Record Version, arranged to sound like a late-night 1939 music session in a barn. His range as a vocalist brings a pathos and gravity that is timeless, filled with emotion and longing. English trio The Staves sing the brassy daylight Big Band version, arranged as if it were a pop hit of 1947, all brash tight three-part harmonies, reflecting the razzle dazzle arrogance and exhuberance of post-war America.