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aw come aw wry

misra records

lp + download

Released: 25th Apr 2013


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vinyl reissue of matthew houck's 2005 album consisting of languid will oldham-inspired indie folk & interludes of either maudlin brass & old-timey percussion or nerdy electronic bubbles.

the second full-length from one-man indie folk mood-maker phosphorescent, found principal songwriter houck in a more atmospheric phase than later records would tend toward. though the album hints at the more refined songcraft that houck would deliver on later albums (especially in the layered vocals of 'endless, pt. 2'), the 20-minute field recording of a thunderstorm that ends the album suggests his artistic vision was more open to possibilities at the time of 'aw come aw wry'.

aw come aw wry


  1. not a heel
  2. aw come aw wry #5
  3. joe tex, these taming blues
  4. aw come aw wry #6
  5. I am a full grown man (I will lay in the grass all day)
  6. dead heart
  7. aw come aw wry #3
  8. south (of america)
  9. lost name
  10. endless pt.1
  11. endless pt. 2
  12. nowhere road, georgia, february 21, 2005