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Situation feat. Andre Espeut

Beyond Compare (Laroye Remixes) (rsd 20)


record store day 2020 - 7"

Released: 24th Oct 2020

£9.99 £2.98

7" Black Vinyl Respected French DJ & producer, Thomas Arroyo AKA ‘Laroye’ has teamed up with Andre Espeut (recording a few new vocal parts) to create a James Brown style take of Beyond Compare, with a real a funk extravaganza of a remix.

This is Situationism's first funk 7” specially crafted for RSD 2020.

Beyond Compare (Laroye Remixes) (rsd 20)


  1. Laroye & Espeut Vocal Mix
  2. Laroye & Espeut Instrumental Mix