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Six Organs Of Admittance

Hexadic II

Drag City


Released: 20th Nov 2015



Released: 20th Nov 2015


Spectral vocals whirl above an aqueous blend of guitars, violin and harmonium in this freak folk offering from dedicated experimentalist Ben Chasny.

Hexadic II utilises the same compositional card system as its predecessor - divised by Chasny himself in the vein of John Cage, Brian Eno and John Zorn - but instead of championing the screeching, overdriven, electric guitar Chasny has returned to the acoustic for an album more inviting to new ears and more familiar to long-term fans. Conceptual and personal, Chasny continues to push the boundaries of his technical and expressive musical abilities with this release.

Hexadic II


  1. Fear Havoc Night
  2. Exultation Wave
  3. Anyone’s Dawn
  4. Arm Their Rows
  5. Cut Angle
  6. Wasp Code
  7. Burial Empty Found
  8. Vile Hell
  9. Poor Guild