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Sonic Youth

Master-Dik (2016 reissue)



Released: 25th Mar 2016


fractured tape hiss beats that almost call to mind a significantly mutated beastie boys in place of steve shelley’s usual raucous pounding and wild, swinging Thurston moore guitar – right from the off ‘master-dik’ is anything but just another album.

Next the band tackle The Ramones' 'Beat On The Brat', in a meeting of two NYC institutions. It's about as faithful a cover as you could imagine, featuring a Thurston vocal that borders on outright Joey Ramone impersonation. It is of course, awesome. After some interview recording about the Jesus And Mary Chain, a live version of 'Master Dik' kicks off, featuring a howlingly wide of the mark cover of 'Ticket To Ride' and general SY performance high jinks with a bit of stand-up from Thurston. The remainder of the EP collects a number of short-form vignettes, including the collage piece 'Ringo/He's On Fire/Florida Oil Drums/Westminster Chimes' and a miscellany of ephemera including a spot of guitar noodling followed by Thurston throwing down human beatboxing while repeatedly declaring himself to be "funky fresh". 

Master-Dik  (2016 reissue)


  1. Master-Dik
  2. Beat on the Brat
  3. Under the Influence of The Jesus and Mary Chain
  4. Ticket to Ride/Master-Dik (version)/Introducing the Stars
  5. Ringo/He's on Fire/Florida Oil Drums/Westminster Chimes
  6. Chinese Jam
  7. Vibrato/Guitar Lick/Funky Fresh
  8. Our Backyard
  9. Traffik