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Sun Araw

The Inner Treaty

Sun Ark


Released: 17th Sep 2012



Released: 17th Sep 2012


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more blissed out electronic manipulation, as clattering percussion provides a lolling backdrop for the stoned melodies to shapeshift through the songs.

cameron stallones returns from his adventures with the congos with his 6th album, a beautiful expanse of strange guitar sounds, keyboards, wooshing fx, heavily treated vocals (often with that slight congos influence) & a percussive backbone that sputters & spurts through the tracks in the most soothing & intuitive fashion that near a-rhythmic beats can be. "proves himself top of his game, unlocking a zoned out trance state at the flick of a pitchbend wheel" - wire.

The Inner Treaty


  1. Town
  2. Grip
  3. Like Wine
  4. Treaty
  5. The Summum
  6. And I