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The Go! Team

Thunder, Lightning, Strike (RSD16)

Memphis Industries

record store day exclusive 2016 - red & yellow swirl LP + download

Released: 16th Apr 2016


out of stock

this is a record store day 2016 release. Stock will be available in store on a 1st come 1st served basis, strictly 1 per customer. Any remaining stock will be made available online at 12.00am Saturday 23rd april.

The Go! Team are all set to reissue their classic debut album ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ on Record Store Day 2016.

· The Go! Team burst onto the scene back in 2004 with their debut album ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ putting the disco in discordant & red limiting all the levels. They scored Pitchfork Best New Music with their debut LP and from a small bedroom concern in Brighton emerged to take on the world. · Now lovingly restored to its original glory, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ is reissued on vinyl for the first time since 2005. · Record Store Day exclusive red and yellow swirl vinyl LP, includes download code. · Limited to 500 copies.

Thunder, Lightning, Strike (RSD16)


  1. Panther Dash
  2. Ladyflash
  3. Feelgood By Numbers
  4. The Power Is On
  5. Get It Together
  6. We Just Won't Be Defeated
  7. Junior Kickstart
  8. Air Raid Gtr
  9. Bottle Rocket
  10. Friendship Update
  11. Hold Yr Terror Close
  12. Huddle Formation
  13. Everyone's A V.I.P. To Someone