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Ty Segall

Love Rudiments

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Love Rudiments is a meditation by Ty Segall on his first love: the drums.
Ty Segall

Three Bells

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A fifteen song cycle that takes a journey to the center of the self.
Ty Segall

LEMONS (2022 repress)

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Burying '60s sing-alongs and dance crazes beneath waves of reverb and giddy thud, Ty Segall has carved out his own shelf in the San Francisco neo-psych gara...
Ty Segall


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You never know what to expect when you first whack on a new Ty segall record (which is part of the appeal) – ‘Harmonizer’ kicks up the weird t...
Ty Segall


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WHAT? It’s almost 2020!? Face it, the last ten years or so have been a BLUR – so much shit going down, good and bad - and a lot of music too.
Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall

Goodbye Bread

Drag City
  • LP

    Released: 20th Jun 2011


the 5th album from the san francisco garage rocker.

the album features some of his slowest & most melodic songs yet. segall’s fuzztone blasts have always owed something to the troggs & the debt is brought to the forefront here. with the gradual dialing down of the blown-out one-man-band vibe, details that may have been lost before (like guitar leads), are brought into more effective relief. there are still plenty of sputtering fuzz-drenched leads, but overall, it’s more an album for the bedroom than the mosh pit. “segall’s lexicon is expanding to a larger canvas - one that signals a deepening understanding & utilization of his chosen form’s history” – dusted.