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mini album thingy wingy

a recordings

180g LP

Released: 28th May 2021


the traditional, psychy bjm sound, eastern influences and '90s shoegaze are mixed together to create a 'mini album' that packs in more than most full lengths manage.

the third project from anton newcombe in 2015 is all backwards guitar and boxy drums, a swirling and beguiling album packed with multiple chiming guitars. the record includes the band's first slovakian song ('prší prší') and a cover of 13th floor elevators' 'dust'.

mini album thingy wingy


  1. Pish
  2. Prší Prší
  3. Get some
  4. Dust
  5. Leave it alone
  6. Mandrake handshake
  7. Here comes waiting for the sun