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Water From Your Eyes


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Water From Your Eyes’ Rachel Brown and Nate Amos are no strangers to contradiction, with Pitchfork making note of their “confidence in splicing diff...
Everyone's Crushed


  1. Structure
  2. Barley
  3. Out There
  4. Open
  5. Everyone’s Crushed
  6. True Life
  7. Remember Not My Name
  8. 14
  9. Buy My Product

Water From Your Eyes

Everyone's Crushed

Matador Records
  • limited red lp

    Released: 26th May 2023

  • black lp

    Released: 26th May 2023

  • cd

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023


the duo find silliness and fatalism dancing in a frantic lockstep, using heart palpitating rhythms and absurdist, deadpan lyrics to convey stories of personal and societal unease.

Described by Brown as Water From Your Eyes’ most collaborative record ever, it’s a swollen contusion of an album: experimental pop music that’s pretty and violent, raw and indelible. ‘Everyone’s Crushed’ maps the liminal space between humor and darkness, between cracking up and freaking out. In the album’s closing moments Brown speaks in direct terms, “Clap those hands/Buy my product/There are no happy endings/I’m spending/I’m spending.” It’s playful and totally serious, punky bordering on anarchic, and a resolution to the record’s opening sentiment - “I just wanted to pray for the rain/Wishful thinking for sunny days.”