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they live

original soundtrack (john carpenter & alan howarth)

death waltz

180g frosted clear lp + poster

Released: 27th Oct 2014


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For the score to one of his most iconic films Carpenter & Howarth created what can only be described as electronic blues.

A blues-inflected urban soundtrack for Carpenter's alien paranoia film. The score is recognisable as Carpenter but has a dusty, slowly pulsating western feel that really does give it a life of its own.

original soundtrack (john carpenter & alan howarth)


  1. Prologue Broadcast
  2. Coming To L.A
  3. A Message
  4. The Siege Of Justiceville
  5. Return To Church
  6. All Out Of Bubble Gum
  7. Back To The Street
  8. Kidnapped
  9. Transient
  10. Hotel Underground
  11. Wake Up