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TV Is The Thing: Fifties And Sixties Television Themes

croydon municipal


Released: 27th Oct 2014


Early Gerry Anderson ('Supercar') rubs shoulders with Honor Blackman ('The Avengers'), with help from stellar composer credits like John Barry & Johnny Dankworth.

To add to the genuine goggle-box experience, all the themes are linked with period TV ads for the likes of Outspan orange juice, Good News chocolates, & Eden Vale yoghurt (“it's the young idea!”).

TV Is The Thing: Fifties And Sixties Television Themes


1: Tv Is The King - Dinah Washington

2: The Pursuers - Malcolm Lockyer

3: Route 66 - John Gregory

4: Outbreak Of Murder - Gordon Franks

5: Sasha's Theme - Sasha Distel

6: Supercar - Charles Blackwell

7: The Desperadoes - Cambridge Strings

8: Gurney Slade - Alan Ainsworth

9: The Beat Way (From Honey Hit Parade) - Ted Heath And His Music Orchestra

10: Z Cars - John Warren Orchestra

11: 77 Sunset Strip - John Warren Orchestra

12: Lunchbox - Jerry Allen

13: Las Vegas (From Animal Magic) - Laurie Johnson

14: Sooty's Party (Excerpt) - Harry Corbett

15: Champion The Wonder Horse - Frankie Laine

16: Cutty Sark (From Dateline) - John Barry

17: Danger Man - Alan Swain

18: The Avengers - Johnny Dankworth

19: M Squad - John Gregory

20: Man Of Mystery (From The Edgar Wallace Mysteries) - Steve Stannard

21: Sam Benedict - Johnny Keating

22: Sis's Theme (From Citizen James) - Gordon Franks

23: Eggheads - Bryan Blackburn And Peter Evans

24: Chick Shape - Craig Douglas