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The Hustler (original soundtrack)


doxy cinematic


Released: 8th Dec 2014


The Hustler was the first truly iconic film of Paul Newman’s career.

It was nominated for nine academy awards: best picture, actor, actress, director, screenplay, cinematography, art direction and two for best supporting actor. The beautiful Jazz score finally re-released on vinyl, is by the composer Kenyon Hopkins (Baby Doll, 12 Angry Men, The Fugitive Kind). A great and much underrated composer of jazz-inflected film scores and musical portraits. Hopkins worked in television beginning in the mid-1950s and branched out into film scoring soon after. Hopkins was particularly adept at using jazz themes, rhythms, and orchestrations in his scores, often paralleling the down-and-out subjects and settings on screen with what Basic Hip has called, “smoky,gritty, rotten-to-the-core jazz.”



  1. Main Title (Stop & Go)
  2. Minnesota Fats
  3. The Loser
  4. Sarah’s Theme
  5. 4 Flights Up
  6. Fast Buck
  7. Small Time Charlie
  8. Bert’s Theme
  9. Contract With Depravity
  10. All Thumbs
  11. Dining Out
  12. Derby Time
  13. Lipstick On A Mirror
  14. The Winner
  15. End Title