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John Harle

Hockney (Original Motion Picture Score)

sospiro noir


Released: 24th Nov 2014


Inspired by the directness & hugely emotional content of David Hockney's art, John Harle's score to Hockney is equally direct & engaging.

From a quirky, almost Jaques Tati-esque banjo theme to the exotica of Los Angeles & the jazz basements of 1960's London, this album never fails to entertain & surprise. Guitarist John Parricelli, pianist Steve Lodder & percussionist Hugh Wilkinson (all of whom featured in Harle's The Tyburn Tree project with Marc Almond) are fluid & inspired soloists, duetting alongside Harle's own trademark saxophone sound.

Hockney (Original Motion Picture Score)


  1. Hockney
  2. Fresh Flowers
  3. Beverley Hills Exotica
  4. Coming Out
  5. His Mother Wanted a Boy
  6. Vaudeville Boy
  7. Surf Boy
  8. City of Night
  9. Bedlam Blonde
  10. Bridlington Promenade
  11. Blue Rhapsody
  12. Time is Not an Illusion
  13. The Splash (Angel Eyes)
  14. Blue Pools
  15. The Grand Canyon
  16. Mother's Death
  17. Tabac Bar
  18. The Scrabble Game
  19. Gay Life
  20. The Bradford Bomb
  21. Sauntering