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Craig Safan

Warning Sign O.S.T



Released: 1st Dec 2014



Released: 1st Dec 2014


a synth-heavy score from one of the industry's most creative composers; craig safan's music to the 1985 science fiction thriller ‘warning sign’.

recorded using a synclavier synthesiser - an incredibly expensive piece of kit at the time - the score is fully electronic but no less effective than his orchestral work. due to the science fiction & horror overtones, the synclavier creates an appropriate atmosphere, which safan layers with different effects, from an electric piano that illustrates a desolate location in the film's early stages to the use of metallic effects as percussion for the chemically-affected staff. safan weaves dissonant sounds to suggest chaos & paranoia, & innovatively synthesises human voices to convey a sense of tortured souls to those infected. what follows is an intense score where the foreboding turns to reality with an eerie & uncomfortable texture, broken only by a beautiful & warm melody for the resolution & end credits.

Warning Sign O.S.T


  1. ‘Warning Sign Main Title’
  2. ‘The Amy Arrive’
  3. ‘Joanie Electrocuted’
  4. ’Joanie Thoughts’
  5. ‘First Massacre’
  6. ‘Joanie Fights For Schmidt’
  7. ‘Entering Biotek’
  8. ‘Joanie & The Zombies’
  9. ‘Run, Joanie, Run’
  10. ‘Blood Serum’
  11. ‘Joanie Is Pregnant’
  12. ’The Final Battle’
  13. ‘All Is Well’
  14. ‘Warning Sign End Title’
  15. ‘Bug Accident’
  16. ‘Full Alert’
  17. ’This Is Not A Drill’
  18. ‘The Video Dead’
  19. ‘The Sheriff Drives’
  20. ‘Fairchild Comes’
  21. ‘Bob Moves Into Action
  22. ‘’
  23. ‘The Sickies’
  24. ‘Sneak Through The Fence’
  25. ‘Quiet Escape’
  26. ‘Making The Antidote’
  27. ‘You’re Turning Into One’
  28. ‘The Serum Gun’
  29. ‘Transition’