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Far Cry 4 O.S.T (limited coloured vinyl)


3LP + Download (limited)

Released: 22nd Jun 2015


brought to you by the man who scored 'drive' - a bafta award-winning soundtrack to the Ubisoft video game FAR CRY 4.

Like his previous work, the for red hot chili pepper has created a stunningly atmospheric score for what many considered to be the best computer game of 2014. The album comes with 45 minutes of bonus material not included on the digital release on limited coloured vinyl. "Martinez clearly had an idea that he has transformed from visual to aural with perfection." 8.5/10 - louder than war

Far Cry 4 O.S.T (limited coloured vinyl)


  1. Trial By Fire
  2. Welcome to Kyrat
  3. Into the Fire
  4. Sudden Trouble
  5. The Target
  6. Take Down
  7. No Respite
  8. Secrets of the Goddess
  9. The Mountain Watches
  10. Unfamiliar Paths
  11. Awash in the Day
  12. Every Road an Exit
  13. The Hard Road
  14. One By One
  15. Sabal's Suite 1. Predator's Way
  16. Here They Come
  17. Once More With Teeth
  18. Lives to Spare
  19. Royal Reception
  20. Prisoners of Despair
  21. Anita's Rage
  22. The Moon's Light
  23. Victory By Inches
  24. What Is Sacred...
  25. Blood of Faith
  26. A Sermon of Bullets
  27. Painted in Blood
  28. The Whisper of My Blade
  29. Bhadra's Suite