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FANTASTIC FOUR (2015) (original soundtrack)

Philip Glass & Marco Beltrami

music on vinyl

ltd numbered black & white marbled lp

Released: 16th Oct 2015


philip glass and marco beltrami make one hell of a team on this blockbuster soundtrack that’s far more subtle and fascinating than your standard Hollywood film.

developing a score to map out the protagonists movement from curiosity into power, it utilises glass’ full range and sees him at his most powerful and innovative. beltrami’s previous work on the ‘wolverine’ and ‘hellboy’ movies add weight too, making the soundtrack an amazing achievement that carries all of the challenging weight and expectation from a major comic book score with ease. 

Philip Glass & Marco Beltrami


  1. Fantastic Four Prelude
  2. The Garage
  3. The Unveiling 4. Baxter
  4. All My Faith
  5. The Lab
  6. Meeting Of The Minds
  7. It Begins
  8. Building The Future
  9. Launch One
  10. Neil Armstrong
  11. Maiden Voyage
  12. Footprints
  13. Run
  14. Ben’s Drop
  15. Real World Applications
  16. Under Pressure
  17. The Search
  18. You’re Going To Like This One
  19. Father And Son
  20. Return
  21. He’s Awake
  22. Pursuit
  23. Strength In Numbers
  24. End Titles