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COOTIES (original soundtrack)

Death Waltz Recordings Co

limited 180g lp

Released: 18th Dec 2015


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reflecting a number of influences throughout, from Bernard Herrmann's work for strings to spaghetti westerns through a trip hop filter set to “extreme foreboding”, Kreng's score will surprise and intrigue.

While it is synth-heavy, there are key roles for haunting vocal effects and violins, mixing both aesthetically beautiful and madcap cues to create waves of emotionally and viscerally powerful tunes. COOTIES stands proud alongside – and in some cases above - the crop of contemporary horror scores.

COOTIES (original soundtrack)


  1. Opening Titles
  2. "You Are So F****n' Ugly"
  3. Rick's Tape
  4. Dink Spreads The Virus
  5. Mr. Simms Attacked
  6. "Oh Look, Carnage!"
  7. Wade Leads The Way
  8. The Playground
  9. Racer And Emily
  10. Dink's Death
  11. "We're All Gonna Die, Aren't We?"
  12. Trike Girl
  13. The Candy Machine
  14. The Kiss
  15. Suiting Up
  16. The Battle
  17. Patriot's Attack
  18. Danville
  19. Wandering In The Dark
  20. Carnival
  21. Finale
  22. End Credits