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The Rise Of The Synths

Lakeshore Records

140g 'synthwave' TRANSLUCENT PURPLE LP

Released: 23rd Mar 2018


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this is the Official companion soundtrack album to the forthcoming film ‘The Rise Of The Synths’ featuring a line-up of heroic keyboard fiddlers such as com truise, gunship, college, electric youth, and power glove.

Featuring many of the best known contemproary synthwave bands contributing 100% exclusive originals, this is a banger. looking lush, the Original ‘Synthcity’ and ‘SynthRider’ artwork comes from illustrator, musician and art director John Bergin.

The Rise Of The Synths


  1. Deckard Returns - Chrome Canyon
  2. The Vale Of Shadows - Gunship
  3. Fatal Affair - Power Glove
  4. Makita - Geno Lenardo
  5. Idle Withdrawal - Com Truise
  6. Lost In A Love - Daniel Davies
  7. Silver Shadow - Robert Parker
  8. A Mission To Remember - Waveshaper
  9. Black Rain - Code Elektro
  10. The Osbourne Effect - German Engineering
  11. Triage - Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne
  12. Night Stalker - Carpenter Brut
  13. Crash & Burn - John Bergin
  14. Dead of Night - Dance With The Dead
  15. A Hero’s Journey - Lazerhawk
  16. Rebar (Prologue) - OGRe
  17. Fleshman - John Bergin
  18. Stargate - Mega Drive
  19. Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler - Voyag3r