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Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy

Enjoy The Ride Records

very limited orange / red splatter LP

Released: 27th Apr 2018

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well hello – we have here an album of unreleased faux 70's porno music featuring Famous adult film actor Ron Jeremy performing voice overs.

the key word is ‘unreleased’, so these are tunes you will never have heard before in your movie-watching. pretty great and perfect for dinner parties.

Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy


  1. Dick Dagger's Theme From Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilemma
  2. Cramming for College From Cramming for College
  3. Nice n' Sleazy Does It From "If It Ain't Easy It Ain't Sleazy"
  4. Spiderpussy From Spiderpussy
  5. Special Delivery From A Happy Ass
  6. Sex Starved Secretaries From Takin' Dictation
  7. Prepare for Take Off From Mile High Club
  8. Her Magic Carpet From Donna Does DeNise Laying Pipe From Plumber's DeLight Spiderpussy (Slight Return) From Spiderpussy 2: Caught in the Web