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OST - Search For Animal Chin

Powell Peralta (RSD18)


record store day exclusive 2018 - yellow LP + download - import

Released: 21st Apr 2018


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For the first time ever, the world’s most popular Skateboarding Movie is being captured on Vinyl.

Powell and Peralta’s, directed and produced by Stacey Peralta, The Search For Animal Chin is the most popular skateboard movie of all time. When it came out in 1987 it was revolutionary as it changed the way that people looked at skateboarding. This movie instantly turned these professional skateboarders into household names thus making them just as popular as well known Rock Stars. The movie features Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, and Rodney Mullin among many other skaters from the Powell and Peralta skateboard company. The Soundtrack became a massive success as people all over the world repeated skits that they skaters starred in ‘He’s Got His Own Milk Cartoon’. This movie is not just about skating but about a tight group of teenage friends exploring the world doing something they truly love together, skateboarding. 2LP - Remastered Double Yellow Marble Vinyl housed in a Gatefold sleeve with a collage of unseen Photos of the professional skaters from the 1980’s in the inner sleeves. Exclusive Foldout Poster of Animal Chin. First Time Ever on Vinyl. Comes with a Ffull MP3 download of the soundtrack as well as Full Movie Download. LP 1: Ripper Animation / Chin Theme / Weekend Today Skit / Chin Missing Theme / Chin Newscaster / Hardcore Skaters Mourned / Wallows / Waikiki / Deal A Meal Skit / Chopsticks / Maps to the Skaters Homes / China Town Session / SF Schoolyard / Golden Gate Park / Milk Carton Skit / SF Downhill Session / Desert / Bakersfield Suburbs / Bakersfield Ramp / Bakersfield Ramp Session / Underhill Skit / Borst / Lance Skit / 711’s / Pink Motel Intro / Pink Motel Session / Pink Motel Room Skit / Nightmares LP 2: Calesthenics / Cadillac Skit / Chin Ramp / Sleep Driving / Blue Tile Lounge Intro / Johnny Rad Raddy Daddy / Johnny Rad Skateboard Shuffle / Blue Tile Lounge Outro / Desert Skating / Chin Monolith / Skating to Chin Ramp / Chin Ramp Session #1 / Chin Ramp Session #2 / Chin Ramp Session #3 / Tunnel in the Ramp / Chin Ramp Slo-mo / Campfire Skit / Credits / TV Repairman Skit

Powell Peralta (RSD18)