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Mychael Danna And Jeff Danna

Alias Grace (Original Mini Series Soundtrack)

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Released: 11th May 2018



Released: 11th May 2018


Scored by the acclaimed sibling composers, Mychael and Jeff Danna accompany the compelling drama series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel about power and corruption.

Mychael’s inspiration for the score was to create something that mirrored “the formal rigidity of British Colonial 19th Century society”. An exquisite and compelling composition, it translates both on screen and off, through the brother’s choice of a chamber group for accompaniment. The fleeting woodwinds and piano (along with the occasional church organ) create a beautifully romantic and dramatic persona that has an underlying darkness at its core, reflecting the crime that underpins the series. 

Alias Grace (Original Mini Series Soundtrack)


  1. Grace in the Mirror
  2. Kingston Penitentiary, 1859
  3. Doctor Jordan
  4. McDermott Is Hung
  5. Quilts
  6. A Terrible Shock
  7. Below Deck
  8. Funeral at Sea
  9. Ferry Crossing
  10. Mary Whitney
  11. Torn Open
  12. Home for Christmas
  13. A Visit to the Doctor
  14. My Methods Take Time
  15. Mary's Burial
  16. Nancy Montgomery Herself
  17. Daisy Crown
  18. A Woman's Work
  19. God Alone Can Tidy It Up
  20. A Common Peddler
  21. Grace's Dream
  22. Plotting Murder
  23. Firefly
  24. Flight
  25. Simon's Fantasy
  26. Under Hypnosis
  27. Grace's Letter
  28. Embroidery of the Tree of Paradise