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Michael Nyman Band

McQueen - Documentary Soundtrack



Released: 8th Jun 2018


the legendary neo-classical composer  scores the documentary ‘McQueen’, capturing the raucous iconoclasm of Lee’s early years, to the darker aspects of his character; from the celebration of his life to the tragedy of his death.

The film centres on Alexander McQueen, the working-class boy who rose to become the most celebrated & controversial fashion designer in the world. it became clear there was only one composer for this film. Nyman’s name kept cropping up as they researched Lee’s life; colleagues & friends they interviewed recalled how long nights in his design studio were inevitably accompanied by CDs of Michael’s music, in particular his score for ‘The Piano’ (Lee’s favourite film & soundtrack). Michael Nyman’s music - & its unique connection to Lee - was by their side throughout the edit, leading them, nudging them to explore the myriad emotions provoked by McQueen’s remarkable story.

McQueen - Documentary Soundtrack


  1. S McQueen- Time Lapse
  2. Tape No.1 - A Sixth Part Of The World 1
  3. Kinky Gerlinky - Secrets, Accusations And Charges
  4. Jack The Ripper Stalks His Victims - MGV 1st Region
  5. Tape No.2 - Knights At School
  6. Sky’s The Limit - Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
  7. Lee Scissorhands - Bird List
  8. Joyce - Passage De L’ galit
  9. Nocturne (Stitching To Nyman) - Big My Secret
  10. The Highland Rape - Abel Carries Ephraim
  11. Armour For The Heart - ‘I Am Also A Painter’
  12. Bleached Jeans And Attitude - Here To There
  13. Paris Chic - Revisiting The Don
  14. Search For The Golden Fleece - A Satire Against Mankind
  15. It’s A Jungle Out There - Queen Of The Night
  16. Tape No.4 - Es war Erde in ihnen
  17. Haute Couture - Outside Looking In
  18. Devil Crossing the Door - Lyra da braccio
  19. Incubus - Flying Machines
  20. No Way Back - The Exchange
  21. Fairlight - Franklyn
  22. Tape No.5 - Fish Beach
  23. La Dame Bleue - The Promise
  24. Metamorphosis - All Imperfect Things
  25. Solitude - Trysting Fields
  26. Sheep ‘n’ Tides
  27. The Final Collection - Lost and Found
  28. Plato’s Atlantis - The Piano Concerto – The Beach
  29. Angels and Daemons - Upon Leaving His Mistress
  30. Silhouette - Diary of Love
  31. Lee’s Sarabande - Dealing for the Saraband