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love forever



Released: 6th Feb 2012


adrian sherwood & the late ari up of the slits come together one last time & create music at the cornerstone of the on-u sound.

whenever sherwood & ari met up in the uk, they worked together on a then-untitled album. the 1st of the recordings for that album began a few years ago with the song ‘conquer’, then in 2008 ari up was diagnosed with the cancer from which she would die just 2 years later at the end of 2010. with her unquenchable passion for reggae music, she maintained that she & adrian would finish the album they had begun. & they did. this is the culmination of 30 years of friendship & love between two of britain’s brightest & most creative cult talents.

love forever


  1. Conquer
  2. My Nerves
  3. Love Me Nights
  4. The Scheisse Song
  5. Musical Terrorist
  6. The Fury Of Ari
  7. Wounded Animal
  8. The Worst of Me
  9. Revelation
  10. The Last Times
  11. Death Of The Trees