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Blackstar Liner In Dub



Released: 24th Sep 2012


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the 'black star liner' vocal set raised the bar for roots reggae music on release in 1976 & this long lost dub companion is a vintage reggae gem.

these tracks, previously only heard on dubplate specials & long thought lost to the world, have finally seen a vinyl re-release. the power of these versions remained for life with all those privileged to rock with them in those halcyon days, the title track a hugely effective, prophetic garveyite vision of repatriation that set the world of roots reggae alight. it struck a resounding chord with the new generation of rastafarian youth in jamaica & the uk, propelling locks to cult status in the process.

Blackstar Liner In Dub


  1. Black Star Liner In Dub
  2. Vision Of Redemption In Dub
  3. I’ve Got A Dub
  4. Children Of Selassie Dub
  5. Dub-A-Long
  6. True Rastaman Dub
  7. Blood Money Dub
  8. Wall Of Dub
  9. Wolf In Dub Clothing
  10. Last Days Dub