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the heptones

party time


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Released: 22nd Jul 2013


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'party time' (1977) matched vocalists barry llewelyn, earl morgan, & leroy sibbles with veteran producer lee ‘scratch’ perry, who knew how to keep the group sounding contemporary without losing the harmonic interplay that underlines their appeal.

the title track itself is a classic , the characteristically slithering groove makes the group's vocal interplay all the more irresistible. ‘mr. president’ & ‘storm cloud’ hurl rhetorical thunderbolts against uncaring, faceless politicians, while ‘now generation’ vows to show what young people can do with their boundless energy. the heptones also looked outside their genre, with dramatic results; a glistening remake of bob dylan's ‘i shall be released’ is one of the standouts here, with the trio emphasising the song's gospel roots. the heptones' take on dylan provided an early, powerful indication of how reggae could intersect with other genres to stunning effect.

party time