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joe higgs

unity is power

pressure sounds


Released: 29th Aug 2013



Released: 29th Aug 2013


joe's 1979 sophomore features an all-star lineup including Santa Davis on drums, Bagga Walker & Boris Gardner on bass, Cat Coore on guitar, Keith Sterling on all the keyboards, Cedric ‘Im Brooks on tenor sax & Joe himself on congas.

Its cuts include love songs & an herbal observation, plus the standout title track & 'Sons of Garvey', originally recorded as a duet with Jimmy Cliff on his Sunpower label. A much mellower set of tracks than his debut 'life of contradiction', yet the song writing remains as clear & as lucid as ever. Joe Higgs glides through this self produced album. “I like phrasing my voice like an instrument. I love jazz. People will always be ahead of people. Some walk, some run, some creep. I’m not concerned about success. Music is my teacher. But it’s not good to be ahead of time, because life is a progression.” - joe higgs.

unity is power


  1. Devotion
  2. One man kutchie
  3. Unity is power
  4. Gold or silver
  5. Love can't be wrong
  6. Vineyard
  7. Small world
  8. Think of the moment
  9. Sadness is a part of my heart
  10. Sons of Garvey
  11. Invitation to Jamaica (cd bonus track)
  12. Version (cd bonus track)