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The Upsetters

Scratch The Upsetter Again



Released: 23rd Oct 2015


drawing from sessions primarily cut in 1970, this album finds the Upsetters straddling the fence between the R&B / ska influenced sound of the late 60s and the deep roots vibe developing at the time.

There are also traces of Lee Perry’s emerging dub experiments, with many tracks sporting a skeletal rhythmic architecture, washes of reverb, echo and shuddering sound effects. As well as the complete album, this version comes with 10 bonus tracks from the upsetters and the reggae boys.

Scratch The Upsetter Again


  1. Bad Tooth
  2. The Dentis’ (AKA The Dentist)
  3. Outer Space
  4. One Punch
  5. Will You Still Love Me
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Take One
  8. Soul Walk
  9. I Want To Thank You
  10. Mule Train
  11. Touch Of Fire
  12. She Is Gone Again
  13. The Result
  14. Return Of The Ugly
  15. King Of The Trombone
  16. Selassie
  17. The Same Game
  18. No Gwow
  19. Lead Line
  20. Bab Theef
  21. The Dentist
  22. Soul Walk
  23. T’ank You