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stone foundation

Outside Looking In

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Released: 25th Mar 2022



Released: 25th Mar 2022



Released: 25th Mar 2022



Released: 25th Mar 2022


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Throughout their nearly 25 years together, the band have always been known for their collaborative spirit and inclusive approach. ‘Outside Looking In’ is true to that.  Recorded (as always) at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studio, and featuring the man himself with a few Backing Vocals and instrumental contributions, the album also features a knockout guest lead vocal from legendary disco diva Melba Moore on ‘Now That You Want Me Back’. The album also boasts slots from Sulene Fleming, Laville, Sheree Dubois and Graziella Affinita; whilst Stone Foundation always bring a fresh new approach to each record, and a point of contrast to what came before, some things just do not need to be altered.

Outside Looking In

  1. Soon You’ll Return
  2. Turning Up The Hurt
  3. Outside Looking In
  4. Now That You Want Me Back (feat. Melba Moore)
  5. I Need Your Love
  6. Echoes of Joy
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Stylin’ (feat. Sulene Fleming)
  9. Feel The Colours
  10. Heaven Knows Why (feat. Laville & Sheree Dubois)
  11. Reach Up Higher (feat. Graziella Affinita & Sheree Dubois)
  12. Somewhere A Voice