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sad club

limited *signed* 12" ep + poster + postcards

Released: 6th May 2022


Bristolian newcomer Clara Mann releases her intimate debut EP ‘Consolations’ today via Sad Club Records.

The 4-track EP stands both as a collection of reflections into her own private world, and as a soothing dose of medicine used to “console” herself. It documents the progression of adulthood, focusing on the fragility of the self and highlighting the importance of connection, whilst offering us a well-needed moment of tranquillity. These themes are embodied by coming-of-age title track ‘Station Song’ which joins previous singles ‘Thoughtless’, ‘I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today’, alongside new track ‘Waiting For The Flight’ which completes the release. Whilst nodding towards the sounds of other contemporaries like Shannon Lay and Dana Gavanski, Clara sets herself apart with her intimate soundscapes and unique voice, creating a distinct ethereal sonic landscape. The title ‘Consolations’ comes from classical piano track Consolations by Liszt. The EP is influenced by her upbringing in a small Catholic village in the South of France, with classical music ingrained into her everyday life. Clara recollects this piece from a vivid childhood memory with her mother, with the piece epitomising everything this collection of songs stands for: “I grew up with classical music all around me, from choral pieces to chamber music. I teach piano now, and after a lesson once I picked up the Liszt Consolations, which I remember my ma playing when I was little. The music was open on the piano one day over summer, and I just thought it reflected everything I felt about this collection of songs: the act of consoling, the influence of my childhood and the landscapes I grew up in, classical music. It struck me as such a beautiful word- and it’s also what music is, to my mind, meant to do- to console. Writing this EP has been a way of consoling myself through any hard times, and I’d like it to do the same for other people!” For Clara, music is a way to create a safe place for herself, with the EP documenting Clara’s own longing to be understood by others around her. Clara embeds a visual element into her music and tries to give a sense of her world, in the hope that others will recognise themselves in it, and want to enter it too: “Hopper’s paintings have been a constant over the last few years- I looked at them, dreamed about them, read anything I could find on them. Often I tried to imagine myself in one of those paintings, to make life a bit more romantic than it really was: maybe today I was the hunched figure from ‘Nighthawks’, tomorrow, the woman in the empty bedroom of ‘Morning Sun’. I guess the pictures bled into the songs- the movie-still feeling, the muted colours.” “My music emerged from a world of books, paintings, and poetry, as well as a love of song, and for me, it is a weaving together of those loose strands, an assembling and mending of the fragments of the things I love, that might otherwise have remained scattered across my life and never quite have come together.” The EP was recorded with producer Benjamin Spike-Saunders (Cruelty) and mastered by Alice Western (Buggs). Due to the constraints of COVID, this track was recorded and mixed remotely, being recorded alone in Clara’s bedroom and mixed by Ben in his, both of them playing a part in the arranging process. Piano, guitar and vocals were done by Clara Mann, with the fiddle played by Marika-Tyler Clark and Felix M-B on harmonium and second guitar. Due to this recording process, the songs have emerged as a natural and intimate reaction to her environment. Clara Mann hopes that this EP can offer a sense of solace to listeners: “Writing this EP has been a way of consoling myself through any hard times, and I’d like it to do the same for other people!”


  1. Waiting For The Flight
  2. Thoughtless
  3. Station Song
  4. I Didn't Know You Were Leaving Today