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AT700 Loudspeaker pair w/ amt tweeters

high gloss piano black pair - £379.00 | Buy
clear lacquer walnut pair - £429.00 | Buy
AMT tweeters offer excellent transient response and low distortion ratios, resulting in a more natural, musical ambience.

Loudspeakers Stereo Pair - large bookshelf - ps32

black stero pair - £139.00 | Buy
ps32 are powerful, compact bookshelf loudspeakers, ideal for main listening or home theatre surround loudspeakers.
Loudspeakers Stereo Pair - ps40


Loudspeakers Stereo Pair - ps40

blue aura
  • white stero pair


The ps40 loudspeaker is the result of extensive research and development undertaken to provide you with accurate and uncompromised reproduction of music.

A stand or bookshelf mount loudspeaker, ps40 is designed to deliver pure audio quality with minimal filter components or unnecessary features. The ps40’s will reproduce all your favourite music with verve and detail. Finished in high gloss piano black or white, the low resonance cabinets house a 1” soft dome high-frequency unit and a 4.5” aluminium coned drive unit delivering a balanced sound with uncompromising neutrality.