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Cavern of Anti-Matter

void beats / invocation trex



Released: 19th Feb 2016


3LP + download

Released: 19th Feb 2016


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pulsing, propulsive & hypnotic avant-garde electronica from Stereolab mainman Tim Gane, now Berlin-based & still collaborating with original Stereolab drummer Joe Dilworth & synth wizard Holger Zapf.

this is an exploration of krautrock's more out-there elements, all invariably tinged with traces of the stereolab sound. The album also features Deerhunter's Bradford Cox (a massive stereolab fan himself), Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom & Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner. “Repaints the neon-lit underpasses of Kraftwerk & Neu!, while irregular, perverted, wavering synths recalls & elaborates on DAF & forgotten 80s electropop” – Guardian, "intricate structures that bubble and grow without ever losing track of their core" - consequence of sound, "a 72 minute epic...due to joe dilworth's propulsive drumming & holger zapf's synth work, these 12 tracks never stray into stuffiness" 9/10 - uncut. 

void beats / invocation trex

  1. tardis cymbals
  2. blowing my nose under close observation
  3. insect fear
  4. melody in high feedback tones
  5. hi-hats bring the hiss
  6. liquid gate
  7. pantechnicon
  8. black glass actions
  9. planetary folklore
  10. echolalia
  11. void beat
  12. zone null