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this stunning double reissue combines their 4th & 5th albums (both cut at half-speed) together with the first-time release of studio sessions pulled from bo...

OK COMPUTER - oknotok 1997 2017

180g 3lp - £28.99
There probably aren’t many households in the country without a copy of the band’s game-changing 3rd record.

The Bends

LP - £24.99

The King Of Limbs

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now onto album number 8, radiohead still manage to innovate & progress – no mean feat for a band who count the likes of ‘ok computer’ &...

In Rainbows

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a moon shaped pool
  1. Burn The Witch
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Decks Dark
  4. Desert Island Disk
  5. Ful Stop
  6. Glass Eyes
  7. Identikit
  8. The Numbers
  9. Present Tense
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
  11. True Love Waits


a moon shaped pool

  • black 2lp, gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover+ download

    Released: 17th Jun 2016

  • cd, gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover

    Released: 17th Jun 2016


on their 9th album, thom & co have delivered a record that is overwhelmingly beautiful, sad & uplifting all at the same time - it's everything you need from a radiohead album.

opening with the rousing, edge-of-your-seat 'burn the witch' & closing with fan-favourite (& finally committed to tape) 'true love waits', this is a record in constant motion; from the atmospheric minimalism of 'daydreamers' to the skittering, claustrophobic beats of 'identikit' - it's a spectacular display of five people working in perfect harmony to create the best work of their career, yet again. "pushing their compositional skills relentlessly forwards...'A Moon Shaped Pool' marks a frequent relaxation into more conventional songcraft" 4/5 - the guardian

tom recommends: "With their 9th album my favourite band have exceeded all expectations of what anyone thought they were capable of (and expectations were already pretty high!). Beautiful, angry, uplifting and weird all at once"

natasha recommends: "my love for radiohead has never waned but with this album, it’s found a whole new lease of life. an astonishing complex record that sounds deceptively simple & completely at ease with itself. a long term friend for sure"

derry recommends: "The sound of a band that have finally come to terms with being themselves & all the better for it."

**** **** ****

2LP - Double Heavyweight LP in Gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover plus Download.
2LP - Limited Heavyweight Double, indies-only, Opaque white vinyl LP in Gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover plus Download. One Time Pressing!!
CD - Gatefold sleeve with silver foil cover and 12 page full colour booklet.