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Native Harrow

Happier Now



Released: 2nd Aug 2019


180g lp + download

Released: 2nd Aug 2019


the timeless singer-songwriter’s third album is a dazzling work of dreamy folk that enchants through tuel’s captivating honeyed voice & engrossing songwriting.

Start to finish, the new record pours forth from her very bones, & you get the overwhelming sense she has never been more daring & honest than right now. Native Harrow cuts out clear & vibrant narratives on fear, love, the open road, ill-fated relationships, & coping with the state of the world. The record oscillates between feeling the sting of uncertainty, the beauty of California & the ache for lavish stability. Each starlit image is framed within her warm, enveloping vocals & the careful, profound considerations of Harms’ musicianship. This is a must for fans of joni mitchell, laura marling & early carly simon. “a captivating, almost mesmeric album of the highest quality” 8/10 – Americana uk.

Happier Now


  1. Can't Go On Like This
  2. How You Do Things
  3. Blue Canyon
  4. Happier Now
  5. Hard To Take
  6. Something You Have
  7. Round and Round
  8. Hung Me Out To Dry
  9. Way To Light