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Emily Fairlight

Mother of Gloom

Occultation Recordings/Fishrider Records


Released: 28th Jun 2019



Released: 28th Jun 2019


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fairlight’s dynamic & infectious folk songwriting commands us all under her confident pastoral swagger.

With its New Zealand rural Gothic/Texas borderlands feel, this album is an elusive creature. Her vocal style – a powerful quivering vibrato & a stark, haunting tone, teak-hard yet soft as crushed velvet – elicits comparisons to PJ Harvey, Emmylou Harris & Cat Power, musicians with distinctive voices & a lyrical ability to conjure a kind of experiential realism, although ‘Mother...’ can also hold its own alongside the storytelling of Will Oldham & soundscapes of Calexico. Each song is a timelessly elegant, at times distressed, vignette, framed by a diverse musical palette with space for the imagination left between the sounds. “The pathos & depth of experience that Emily expresses through her distinctive vocal performance makes this, her second album, a compelling if melancholy work – heartfelt & mournful.” – nzmusician.

Mother of Gloom


  1. Body Below
  2. Drag the Night in
  3. The Escape
  4. Water, Water
  5. Private Apocalypse
  6. The Desert
  7. Time’s unfaithful Wife
  8. Sinking Ship
  9. The Bed
  10. Nurture the Wild
  11. Loneliest Place
  12. Breathe Baby, breathe