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Aoife Nessa Frances

Land Of No Junction

Basin Rock Records

love record stores edition - white lp + download (350 only)

Released: 18th Dec 2020



Released: 10th Jan 2020


180g lp + download

Released: 10th Jan 2020

£18.99 £11.98

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with a sound that recalls the dream-like drifts of vanishing twin, stereolab, & broadcast, frances conjures a brilliantly hazy yet focused work that is damn near impossible not to get lost within.

the songs traverse and inhabit this indeterminate landscape: the beginnings of love, moments of loss, discovery, fragility and strength, all intermingle and interact. 'land of no junction' is shot through with a sense of mystery - an ambiguity and disorientation that illuminates with smokey luminescence. yet, through the haze, everything comes down to what, where and who you are.

Derry says: “Basin Rock continue their 100% record of only releasing brilliant records & Aoife Nessa Frances has put out an album that fits right next to Julie Byrne & Nadia Reid at the pinnacle of current classic songwriting.”

Land Of No Junction


  1. Geranium
  2. Blow Up
  3. Here In The Dark
  4. A Long Dress
  5. Less Is More
  6. Libra
  7. In The End
  8. Heartbreak Junction
  9. Land Of No Junction