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Yves Tumor

Heaven To A Tortured Mind



Released: 3rd Apr 2020


gatefold lp + download

Released: 3rd Apr 2020


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an uplifting opus of experimental ecstasy, the album crisply treads a weird-pop thread comprising strands of psych-rock, jazz-funk & r'n'b that, at turns, recall the likes of prince, childish gambino, outkast & blood orange.

Few projects at the forefront of contemporary art truly push visceral sonic boundaries in the way that Yves Tumor does. With an arc that impartially sits between psych-rock and modern pop, Tumor melds restraint and chaos. This album finds its place in music history as a collection of anthems for a generation. The iconoclastic artist moves to a plush and magisterial kind of rock music for a gratifying and intense record, one whose pleasures are viscerally immediate” 8.5 – best new music – pitchfork.

Heaven To A Tortured Mind


  1. Gospel For A New Century
  2. Medicine Burn
  3. Identity Trade
  4. Kerosene!
  5. Hasdallen Lights
  6. Romanticist
  7. Dream Palette
  8. Super Stars
  9. Folie Imposée
  10. Strawberry Privilege
  11. Asteroid Blues
  12. A Greater Love