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lael neale

Acquainted With Night


limited first press white lp

Released: 19th Feb 2021



Released: 19th Feb 2021


limited white cassette

Released: 30th Apr 2021


Lael’s dusty folk swirls into perfect melodic clusters that evoke the likes of angel Olsen and julia jacklin, whilst a shimmering omnichord twinkles underneath.

Stripped of any extraneous word or sound, these songs are lit by Lael’s crystalline voice, served on a lush bed of Omnichord. The collection touches on themes that have been threaded into her work for years: isolation, mortality, yearning, and reaching ever toward the transcendent experience. It is an amalgam of thoughts, concerns, and lessons as she nearly speaks the words, unmasked by flourishes, ensuring the meaning cuts through. Normally a morning person, Lael recorded most of these songs in the darkening of the early evening, and so became Acquainted With Night. “The ability to distil so much emotion in just a few words prove to be her strongest suit and the most compelling characteristic of this record. With only a few instruments, but mainly Neale’s voice and an Omnichord, the ten tracks are like stepping into a meditating mind” 8/10 – loud & quiet.

Acquainted With Night


  1. Blue Vein
  2. Every Star Shivers in the Dark
  3. Acquainted with Night
  4. White Wings
  5. How Far Is It to the Grave
  6. For No One For Now
  7. Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses
  8. Third Floor Window
  9. Let Me Live by the Side of the Road
  10. Some Sunny Day