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Drug Store Romeos

The world within our bedrooms

Fiction Records


Released: 9th Jul 2021

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limited blue 2lp

Released: 9th Jul 2021


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standard 2lp

Released: 9th Jul 2021


Opioids & benzos - That would be my guess for the narcotics that these lovelorn tykes imbibe.

There’s a woozy, swooning quality to their wares, like DSR have wrapped themselves up so tightly in a blanket of comforting dream pop that it’s beginning to pour out of their very pores. An oneiric sweat if you will. There’s a moment in the absolutely brilliant television series ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ where a character pushes off, raising their eyes to the heavens, whilst the car they are in motors along down a highway, ‘The World Within Our Bedrooms’ does an exceptional job of recreating this incredibly tangible feeling. For a hefty dose of serotonin simply stick this record on again…and again…and again…and again.

The Hampshire trio’s boundless oceans of disembodied space-pop offer us a sublime escape into amniotic and ethereal melodies. Drug Store Romeos play with the senses and flip the expectations, finding the sweet spot every time. Lyrical abstractness / concrete meaning / Danceability / lyingdownability / Minimalism / fullness. Introspective melancholy / playfulness / Lo fi / hi fi. “Awash with vivid colours and fluctuating contours, Drug Store Romeos form realms of inviting familiarity that are ripe for exploration” 8/10 – line of best fit


The world within our bedrooms

  1. Building Song
  2. Secret Plan
  3. Bow Wow
  4. Elevator
  5. Walking Talking Marathon
  6. Frame Of Reference
  7. Feedback Loop
  8. What’s On Your Mind
  9. No Placing
  10. Vibrate
  11. Electric Silence
  12. Kites
  13. Put Me On The Finish Line
  14. Cycle Of Life
  15. Adult Glamour