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Released: 10th Jun 2022



Released: 10th Jun 2022


dinked 180 - numbered* cloud grey lp* in gatefold* + postcard w/ exclusive content link* + super 8 cuttings* - 1 per customer

Released: 10th Jun 2022


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Knowing this was on the same label as Crack Cloud obviously gave it a leg up the playlist but we weren’tready for the genius of their addictive dissonance.

The 3rd album from the Toronto-based duo (previously a quartet) is unpredictable but immaculately constructed - a complex confluence of kraut, post-punk, noise, industrial, spoken word & ambiance. Full of menace, metallic riffs, caustic vocals & dynamic shifts, it’s also poetic, hypnotic & reassuring. From the sermon-like ‘Memorial’ to the doomscapes of ‘Body & Soul‘, the spiralling kraut-chug of ‘Creedence...’, the immersive triplet of ‘Amulet’, ‘X-Neighbourhood’ & ‘Syndicate II’, through to the celestial ambiance of ‘Mirror Of Hope’, ‘Fault Lines‘ soundtracks the cosmic headf*ck of today’s world.



  1. Memorial
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Credence (Ash in the Winds of Reason)
  4. Amulet
  5. X-Neighbourhood
  6. Syndicate II
  7. Mirror of Hope


Dinked edition 180

- Cloud Grey vinyl *

- Gatefold sleeve *

- Postcard with link to exclusive online content *

- Super 8 film cuttings corresponding to bonus content *

- Numbered edition *

- Exclusive pressing of 500 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition