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Starlight And Still Air
  1. Afternoon Update
  2. Empty City
  3. Cold Sun
  4. Long Goodbye
  5. Still Air
  6. There Is No Crisis To Come
  7. Looking For Clues
  8. Look What We've Wasted
  9. Bloodlines
  10. Ghost Update

Starlight Assembly

Starlight And Still Air

beacon sound
  • LP + 7"

    Released: 18th Feb 2022

  • CD

    Released: 14th Jan 2022


New project/debut album with Dominic Appleton from Breathless/This Mortal Coil.

10 songs of dubby, off-kilter electronic pop showcasing Matteo Uggeri's production and Appleton's instantly-recognizable voice. "Hearing Dominic Appleton take his voice in quieter, more intimate directions, exploring new textures and strengths, in combination with Matteo Uggeri’s flowing production, makes for a striking experience. Interesting and unexpected." – Ned Raggett (Bandcamp/The Quietus) // "Without exaggeration, Dominic Appleton is by far my favourite living male vocalist. He has such a beautiful, sad voice and comes up with melodies that do the same" – Ivo Watts-Russell (4AD founder). // "This Mortal Coil singer Dominic Appleton's crystalline voice and romantic lyrics set a mood of lonely grandeur” — Mojo (2013) - RIYL: David Sylvian, Holger Czukay, Bjork, Tricky, Jon Hassell, Massive Attack, David Bowie, Breathless, Virginia Astley, Tarwater, Lali Puna, Lucio Dalla, Franco Battiato, Alice, 23 Skidoo