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Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (RSD 23)
  1. Strange One
  2. Hung on You
  3. Ghosts of Princes in Towers
  4. Cheap Emotions
  5. Marching Men
  6. Put You in the Picture
  7. Young Girls
  8. Bullet-Proof Lover
  9. Rich Kids
  10. Lovers and Fools\ Burning Sounds

Rich Kids (Glen Matlock, Midge Ure & Rusty Egan)

Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (RSD 23)

  • Record Store Day 2023 - Black LP

    Released: 22nd Apr 2023


Ghosts of Princes in Towers' is the only studio album by British band Rich Kids, founded in 1977 by Glen Matlock (ex Sex Pistols) and Midge Ure (Ultravox) and Rusty Egan released in August 1978 and produced by ex-Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson.

Exclusive for RSD 2023, the original album will be newly remastered. Release overseen by Rich Kids Rusty Egan. Tracklisting: Side A - Strange One, Hung on You, Ghosts of Princes in Towers, Cheap Emotions, Marching Men, Side B - Put You in the Picture, Young Girls, Bullet-Proof Lover, Rich Kids, Lovers and Fools, Burning Sounds