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Ska La-Rama (RSD 23)
  1. Skalarama (The Magnificent Seven Theme)
  2. Renegade
  3. Around the Corner
  4. Jo Ann
  5. Verona
  6. Run Joe
  7. My True Confession
  8. I Can't Do the Ska
  9. Forty Miles of Bad Road
  10. You Wish Me Bad
  11. Storm Warning
  12. Oh Misery
  13. Western Flyer (Road to Nowhere)
  14. Wake Me, Shake Me

Various Artists - Ska La-Rama

Ska La-Rama (RSD 23)

  • Record Store Day 2023 - Yellow LP

    Released: 22nd Apr 2023


In celebration of what would have been the year of Duke Reid’s 100th birthday, this collection gathers 14 of the legendary Treasure Isle supremo’s rarest and most collectable ska productions.